Why Solar for Businesses?

Solar energy offers more than just marketing advantages; and choosing this alternate energy source reduces the dependence for fossil fuels—also lowering costs, minimizing greenhouse emissions, offering more scalability and flexibility, and more reliability in general.  Years of spending a fortune for power are soon to be put behind corporate businesses when today, solar offers more benefits and practically guarantees a sustainable, positive cash flow on company balance sheets from month one.

We Offer You Time

How many kilowatt hours are produced by each kilowatt? When does panel efficiency benefit you? Who has the best warranty? What is the price per watt? Where are the panels made? What about battery storage? All of these questions are of monumental importance when making a decision on your solar. We also know that you don’t have years to research these subjects.

As you well know, time is our most valuable asset. We want you spending time excelling at your job and spending time with your kids; not researching solar and getting twenty bids. We take your electric requirements, send them to several capable solar companies, and let them fight over you. Together we will discuss the results and choose the most appealing bid. This saves you from having to do the research; which saves you time and money.

Just Solar?

Believe it or not, there are many other energy cost saving technologies out there. Some are cool concepts that have no financial importance, and others have significant financial benefits and numerous incentives. Luckily for you, we know what will work best for you

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Don’t Cut your free coffee at the break room…

Each day business owners are finding ways to cut small and large costs. With solar and other energy cost saving options, Atmus can show you thousands of dollars of savings for the exact same electricity you are currently using.


See why municipalities of all sizes go solar with us.


Be a good steward of donor money by lowering costs.


Universities and schools give Atmus high grades.


Maximize your profit and lower your overhead.