Solar energy is the talk of the town, and corporate investors are now really taking a long, hard look at the potential payback for its procurement.  Further, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency, or the IREA—the solar energy industry is expected to have extreme growth spurts from this year, into 2030, where it is really expected to become profound.  Of course, all of these solar expansions aren’t coming from just cost reductions, but the ability they award for lowering greenhouse emissions and much more.  Global warming has become a very real reality now, and investors (plus corporate America) are more than eager to finding a solution to correct mankind’s damaging footprint.  This is one of the primary driving forces to the transition for procuring clean energy.

So, the supply and demand for sustainable, clean energy is on the rise, greater than at any other point in history, and for good reasons.  2016 is suggested to bring about record breaking heat, definitely not desirable, but due to again, global warming.  Clearly, companies that are providing cutting edge technology like TESLA are in a sweet spot right now.  They promise end-to-end clean energy products and solutions, at a time when there is incredible potential for solar energy. Also, Solar City is a corporate competitor pushing for energy sharing among homes through offering complete synergy at a great consumer value.  The list goes on and on as more and more investors are realizing the real need for alternative energy solutions.

Currently, all signs do point to a very positive outlook for solar energy for all concerned.  While this is a young, blossoming technology, it is a trend that is all but guaranteed to move forward.  Renewable sources of energy are being proven to meet supply and demand more efficiently, and are proving to be sustainable.  In this respect, smart investors will keep an open mind and invest in a cleaner, brighter future for all.