Renewable energy has been proven to be a long-term, cost effective solution for numerous corporations today.  This is exactly why so many corporate executives are invested in sustainable energy and most are more interested in purchasing renewables than ever before as well. This is a far cheaper solution—not to mention, it provides an excellent return on investment!  A whopping 72% of corporations are determined to find an alternative to generating their own power outside of the traditional means that 28% of business executives still depend on.  It just makes logical sense. In fact, it is the payback which is stirring up so much of the interest.  That, and the fact that pricing variables are kept minimal too—these are the features most attractive to the biggest businesses today.

There is consistent competition within the renewable energy market too, and this goes beyond just solar and wind energy.  For those major companies who have learned how to navigate the waters of renewable energy procurement—they are prone to continue to do so.  They are also interested in more manageable strategies for energy storage and management software.  It’s an innovative market that is continuously transforming and expanding at an accelerated rate!  Can you imagine corporate America when two thirds will be creating their own sustainable energy?  The business case for projects like these are emerging rapidly—implying its time to get on board!