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It is nerve wracking to witness that electric bill consistently rising month after month, isn’t it?  While the rising usage of electronics within the household are a factor to these increasing costs—hotter temperatures outside are more likely the culprit to growing energy costs.  This puts a strain on thousands of peoples’ wallets from month to month.  However—there is hope!  As the trend for solar energy continues to grow, more homes are becoming liberated from these dooming utility bills!  Those with homes who utilize solar panels are actually profiting from the excess energy produced by their system.  So, if you wish to lower your electric bill and have the potential to make money—solar energy might be an option to look into!

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Here at Atmus, it is not only our job to offer you the best technology at the best price; it’s our obsession.  If we couldn’t recommend it to our grandma, we won’t recommend it to you. We are committed to be fair to customers and employees. We outsmart and outwork our competitors to create a better life for our customers, our families, and ourselves.
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Utility Bill Causing Stress?

Californians spent an average of $400 a month on utilities in 2014, and when compared to 2010, this showed a 39% increase!  However, such a sizable increase has been occurring since way before 2010, and it is estimated to continue to rise in the future, under traditional energy solutions.  Now, if you pay monthly, you’ll notice a consistent rise all year long, but there is an alternative.  With the advancement of solar technology, you just might see a large decrease in energy costs with far simpler management.  This is far better than buying from traditional utility companies!


We Design A Custom Solar System

We will look at your roof’s size, shape and sun exposure to design your custom home solar system.


Atmus Is Turning Roofs Into Resources

While it may seem like something out of science fiction, harnessing the sun’s energy to power your home is actually quite simple when the right pieces are in place.