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  • There are no hidden fees
  • There are no upfront costs
  • Available tax credits
  • Lower monthly energy costs are guaranteed

You’re In Good Company

Companies all around trust Atmus Energy – California’s premiere provider of cutting-edge solar energy solutions for your home or business.
By Providing Innovative Energy Solutions That Save Client’s Money
“Thanks so much Atmus Energy for your comprehensive and rapid work on our home. My husband appreciated your thorough evaluation of our needs and the follow up by your team. We were worried that because we had a new roof that by adding solar panels the new tiles might get broken. But the installation crew was quick, clean, efficient and careful not to disrupt our lives or our new roof. We are very happy with the way it looks and of course with our first electric bill that was only $10!!!”
Sherry Larson, Home Owner
“I liked working with Atmus Energy on my solar project. They were very supportive and helped us through the whole process. They did a great job to find the right solution for our home and provide the best offer. If there was ever an issue they would make sure it was taken care of as quickly as possible. I would recommend them to anyone else looking for a solar solution.”
George Taylor, Home Owner

Atmus Energy provides a realistic, yet highly competitive rate that is unmatched anywhere! Combine this with genuinely friendly customer support and you have just what you need!

Contact us today for an easier more convenient way to bring energy into your home or business!

AND—when you want to take a pro-active part with your project:

Our specialists don’t keep clients in the dark! When you want to know what is happening with your project, we provide instant collaboration and communication.

We walk our clients through the entire installation process and answer all questions, no matter how small! Go ahead and get a quote today, and we promise—you won’t be disappointed!

We Are Here To Serve You

Our prices and technology cannot be beat. We provide access to any panels on the market, but more importantly, we do all the hard work. From getting proper permits, to the installation process and coordination, we streamline all phases of the work to keep it simple.  We are also one of the few leaders in this advanced energy technology that doesn’t require upfront costs.  In fact, we handle the costs associated with the system from signing day through installation, and we award multiple financing options as well.  Our prices are some of the most competitive, starting as low as $.07 per kWh. Now, add in topnotch, friendly customer service, with real people answering your concerns and questions, and you’ll find you simply have to try us on for size!  Really, we can’t be beat, and you have nothing to lose by checking us out!


By selecting a solar panel that best fits the client, we are able to offer our customers the lowest price in the market.


We understand that time is important for everybody. That is why our technicians our trained to provide quality service with efficiency and swiftness.


We hold pride in providing the leading services in our industry. Our clients are our family and we work diligently to insure an enjoyable and reliable experience.

The Atmus Solar Process

We understand that the installation process is one of the most difficult phases, and this can feel more difficult than hiking Mt. Everest on a Yorkie.  But, with your help, the entire process can be as smooth as you need it to be.  We can’t stress how important it is for you to be accessible to our project managers and customer service.  This can be through phone, text, or even email—it’s whatever works best for you!  Your input and communication ensures tasks stay on track and run smoothly.  Because the steps for system grid integration are extensive, consistent support through communication can help to avoid any minor hiccups.

We walk you through all phases of the process:

1. Signing Documents

2. Finance Approval

3. Financial Documents

4. Collection of Utility Bill

5. Schedule Site Survay

6. HOA Contact

7. Perform Site Survey

8. Design Approval

9. Permitting Process

10. Installation

11. City Inspection

12. Permission to Operate

Providing Innovative Energy Solutions That Save You Money